Naturephotography in urban agglomeration

What is this strange name about: Chain Right & Good Light…? For now I will tell you what the Good Light part is about. A great passion of mine is to walk (or mostly cycle) with a camera around my neck. Mostly it is naturephotography what stockes me, it is just amazing to be around in the forest , hanging out in the mountains or having a refreshing bath in a cold stream. You do not have to travel far to get nice photos of nature, if you open your eyes you’ll find natures beauty right next to your door. Another pro-reason for photography is because it is really  nice if you can dive into your adventures some time later again. So you can share your experience with friends or anyother interested ones. And later on if you stuck with some work in the office you can go on a short holiday in the evening, when watching some photos. So here we go with some nature near the city, as I already told you don’t need to get far away from your house.


A lake 5 minutes by bike


Cranes are passing Central-Europe every year when heading south


A daw sitting on top of a church


Seagull on a monument in Rotorua


Some more urban nature


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