A word on solitude while travelling

“When you’re travelling, remember one thing: You’ll never be alone if you don’t want to.”

soif pour plus

Travelling alone has a lot of disadvantages. The primer fact which scares a lot of people off straight from the beginning is the question: what if…? What if something goes wrong? What if you get lost or robbed, what if you hurt yourself or your phone runs out of battery? It’s quite easy to encounter those kind of questions which only are a weak excuse – what would you do back home?

One may argue there that you might be in a country where you don’t speak the language of the people living there. This might be right at some point, but nowadays it’s pretty hard to not find somebody who speaks at least some scraps of English. Worst case scenario: Talk with your hands and feet.

The other thing which is far more tricky and which might spoil the whole trip is solitude. Well, I guess at that point…

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