I love food!

Now not that I was worried about calories.. it’s just frightening to see how much we eat. Fabian yesterday quoted a wise and old cyclist stating: “Travelling by bike is a way of travelling. It is not cheaper. What you would spend on gasoline you will spend on water and food – if not more”.

Normally I am very thankful that I can eat heaps of food, because most the time food tasts so good that I do not want to stop. BUT as the quotation of Fabian Nawrath mentioned there is one big thing about food, it costs a lot of money. Of course in daily  life we do not think about this issue and even throw food away which is not molding or anything, only because of the expiring date. But on a biketrip we start to be back to the basics and as well we start to think about coming along with a low amount of money. Rice or Noodles? There is another topic besides the money, the weight and packing dimensions. So there is the common question to decide between rice and noodles, if we leave our preferencies aside. My personal choice is rice, because on my last tour I had 1kg noodles and 1 kg rice. The conclusions came to its point because the same amount of rice did last twice longer as the noodles and in addition it has a better packing dimension (less air between the pieces). Of course there are more ideas for a main carbonhydrate provider a very good idea for variety is couscous, there are many delicious recepies of different couscous salads and other dishes, give it a try! On a tour this spring a friend of mine and I tried to make some “Kaiserschmarrn” what is actually cutted and sugared pancakes originally eaten with raisins and mashed apples. By the way this is a very famous food from Austria and even in especially beloved in the alpine parts of Germany too. We did it with egg and milk powder and added some flour, salt and water to the powder stuff. This is another good idea for a carbohydrate rich food which includes some proteins too.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fresh or Instant Food? If you go on a longer tour without shopping possibilities, you should take some fresh and healthy ingredients. Even if there is a huge market for instant traveling food. Normally I am a person who loves to discuss about resizing and slicing every gramm apart, but with food I like to do no compromise. E numbers and chemistry stabelizers are not my favourite and I rather carry fresh ingredients than eating this crap. Of course I go bikepacking and into the outdoors to be close to nature and therefore there is no way to eat chemical things which we do not know exactly how they affect nature and our bodies yet. ( Only my conservative and heardheaded opinion :-D) So what I wanted to talk about is that you should be aware that the fresh vegies and fruits you will carry need some more room than instant powder and after some nice luxurary days of tasty and fresh food there will be some not that enjoing days in the end. Depending on the duration of your journey you will cope with some rice, noodles or couscous without anything but salt and pepper maybe some other spices you’ll find around. But the first days dinners will be worth it! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fire or Camping-Cooker? Fire! My favourite is to cook on the fire. In the evening it gets very cold in many countries and seasons, so if there is not too much rain and you have the possibility make a fire. You can warm your soring body or make yourself a hot tea after dinner and before hoping into to cold sleepingbag to rest out there until the next morning. Sometimes of course it is not possible to make a fire so it would be a good idea to take a Trangia, MSR, Primus or otherbrands camping cooker with you. Other possibility is to eat porridge oat with water (milkpowder would not disperse properly in cold water) or make yourself a nice meal with bread. Anyway: “Brotzeit ist die schönste Zeit” is a quote what my grandfather told me. It means something like: a simple bread with some cheese or meat can make you a happy time. Especially after a long riding day you will enjoy simple meals anyway. CIMG6342  To lazy to carry? If you are tired of carrying all the heavy food, just think of the area you want to go. Maybe you can eat some berries, mushrooms or even go fishing. But this possibility needs some planing in advance. Which season do you go? What plants or animals are in the specific area? What plants can I eat? Especially fishing needs some practice and knowledge, you should know where different fishes are swimming to adapt the right length of the line for example.

Go fishing!

Go fishing!

But…sometimes you need to suffer anyway :-(. The good thing is, that you can appreciate your next good meal! 😀 Sometimes I need to get rid of some kilos because of the weight categories in judo I am really suffering, not only because I am hungry in the evenings, but when I look at tasty food I really hardly cannot resist normally. So I will be challanged on my biketour because I plan not to take a camping cooker with me, what means there will be some simple meals which will probably not satisfy my appetite to healthy and good food. Stay tuned, for sure I will invent some new recepies out of emergency…


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