South Africa 1

As I mentioned that I traveld the Garden Route this spring I want to show you some pictures of this trip in the next posts. This journey was one of the main reasons why I chose South Africa for my bike trip. Another reason was that I really love the heat and escaping the wet winter in Europe is another nice side effect. The planning until now is not very much anymore, there are still some pieces missing which I need to order as a rack incl. sideframes for my fully a actual firstaid kid and some new firepois.

But for now let’s reminisce in some memories!

These photos were all nice coincidence and for a 2 weektrip a nice collection of elephant structures.

elephant at the beach

elephant in a park

elephant in the bush

Of course there were some real ones as well. We did a safari at Addo Elephant Park for about 4 hours and all of our group were so disappointed that we hadn’t seen one elephant at all. Everyone was telling me that it is impossible to see no elephants in Addo, because the animals are just everywhere. Luckily on the way back to our camp there were some and everyone was so happy that we had the chance to see some! During the last 10 minutes of the drive we saw then even a little baby, so all the patience was worth it.

this elephant walked just 2 metres by our car

two bulls

finally we were able to see a three week old calf


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