How it all began

My very ever first cyclingtour – photo by A.K

End of May 2012 I did my first cyclingtour with an overnight stay. Together with a friend of my judoteam, we went to the karwendel mountains in Austria. Originally we wanted to stay 2 nights, but the second day the weather wasn’t very pleasant so we decided to cycle without many breaks to reach our finishpoint still at the second day.

We climbed each day about 1500 meters, but the worse problem was to ride down the bumpy roads and sometimes I had to shout in order to stop my cyclingmate. We had to have a break, cause my v-brakes nearly got smoked.

The first day we had wonderful sunny weather and saw some beautiful flowers on the way, here you see the Cephalanthera longifolia a wild orchis and the lilly of the valley (Convallaria majalis).

Lake Achensee

Lake Achensee


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