The tent-question is still on, so did I set up some experimental housing and built a tent with my bivvy and bike. All in all it was a really easy and quick set up. I used 6 tent pegs and 2 sole straps for the longidudinal side. Another set up was to put the front wheel on the backside of the tarp to let some fresh air in and to avoid too much condensation, which usually occures as the bivvy is not breathable.



The pedal can be used for the curtain

With stone inside the tarp, the strap can be fixed

But as time tells, there came some thoughts out:

  • Tent pegs are no solution for sandy or hard soil
  • The tent should stand by its own
  • There is no proper possibility to close the entrance

Even of these contra-points, the tent survived a rainshower and the inside stayed dry.


Survived the raintest


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