And it burns burns burns…

When bleeding your brakes put out your pads! If you do it like me and put only the back pads out and being lazy with the fluid reservoir in the front you are doing: BIG MISTAKE
End of story: Some hydraulic oil dropped onto the front pads, it was just a µ but this was enough. The test ride was like a really bad concert it squeaked and every bird nearby flew away.

First I tried to put some alcohol on the pads and cleaned the brake disc, but it helped just some hours until the squeaking concert was back. So I read in some forums to get my pads rescued and found some good advice.

DSC_2302 KopieBurning out the pads on your cooktop. Some people do it in a pan with a little water until all water is gone, but I have put the pads about 5 minutes onto the hot plate.

Be sure that all windows are wide open, otherwise your kitchen will stink like a smokehouse.

Schleifen2After this, be careful and do not touch the burning metal. After cooling down you can grind the burned surface with some sandpaper. I did use some very smooth sandpaper, just to be safe that nothing gets broken. For sure you can use some harder sandpaper but I did not try this.

bremsenNow I am quite happy that it all worked out. Finally I build all in again and put some water on the brakediscs and did a small testride.

As good as new!


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