Bike & Hike


It is not so exciting to wander along forest roads, for this reason a friend and I decided to ride the first part of our tour with the bikes and then walk the rest. We wanted to visit “Eissee” (Icelake) in the region of Allgäu. I ever wanted to see the mountain Hoefats and take some pictures, so lake Eissee was a good decision to make.


Älpelesattel 1779m









We started with our bike shortly after noon at Oberstdorf to have a nice photospot at sunset and have enough time to look for a nice place for our bivouac. We went with our bikes until “Kaeseralpe” and then hiked about 2 hours. Unfortunately we hiked the last half hour at complete darkness and did miss the lake, which was a little bit aside the trail but our headlamps did not reach so far. But anyway the next morning we had a really really beautiful view above the lake. Before breakfast we went on to reach the summit Rauheck  (2384m) on the way we met some marmots and watched them a while.


our bivvy














In the afternoon we visited the Breitach-gorge during pouring rain, luckily we were able to change our clothes in the car afterwards and were not still on the summit. This time the weatherforecast was 100% to the point!










So it was a cool trip (yes cool, because the night was really chilly) and I like the idea much to combine biking and hiking with photography. Quite nice that Julian the friend I went with does like taking photos as well, so no one of us got bored during the rests.


One thought on “Bike & Hike

  1. your photograhy is amazing. I was born and lived most of my life in the same region (bragging right) 🙂 A few weeks ago I decided to do a no-place-like-home challenge. Can’t wait to come back and start shooting mountains! Greetings!

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