Fit for the Trip

Who ever wondered how a balanced strengh-training for long distance cyclists looks like, here are some advice. Best case you cycle to your gym and this way you are already well prepared for the exhausting part.

Usually I do about 10-15 repetition in 3 sets. For all below showed exercises you’ll need about half an hour.

First: Starting with some abdominal-coordination excercise

This excercise is mainly for your abdominals, but don’t underrate this one. You’ll need to be very concentrated otherwise you fall on the ground. So my advice: Start your training with this part, when your concentration and patience is still fresh.

Move your torso left and right. Go with your elbow diagonal to your knee

For preparing your body to ride with heavy luggage on your shoulders, you can do some classic pushups. Here you can see an advanced option, which is good for some coordination and balance on the bike as well. I really like those exercise, because you can safe some time due to less repetition and second you are combining strengh and coordination training in one exercise.

Pushups advanced.

In addition to your shoulder and breast muscles, it is very important to strengthen your back muscles. Therefore I do butterfly reverse and reverse pushups. In my case I am very sensitive when carrying a heavy bagpack on a long cycling day, usually I get some dorsalpain in the evening if I am lazy with my training. So be honest to yourself and don’t cheat with the exercise.

Lower you body down and pull then up again. Keep your hip up!

Lower your body down and then pull it up again. Keep your arms straight!

Last but not Least: Never skip Legday!

Even if you think that you train your legmuscles very well during cycling, there has to be considered that there are mainly your front and backer parts of your legs working. The internal and external muscels do not work much, so there is some need to catch up!


Excercise for abduction and adduction, because these muscles are not really trained during a long riding day.

There are many other options for your training, if you prefer training with cables or machines but for now these few exercise should prepare you to be fit for the trip.

Thank you Punch – Fitness for your great training facilities especially at the Green Challenge Ground.

Feel free to ask some questions or give feedback!


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