Tour de Ruhr

Lea (my dog) and I did a Cyclingtour along the river Ruhr. It was quite difficult, because there was a mad thunderstorm some days ago and many trees were fallen down on the pathways.

The trip started a bit weird. No trains were leaving caused by the thunderstorm a week ago. So the original aim to ride the 220km from the spring to the end of the river Ruhr was not possible. But anyway, I had a bike so I just rode on and started the tour with a warming up to get to the river. North of the city Essen I passed the UNESCO world culture heritage “Zeche Zollverein”. It is a huge terrain and easily to discover by bike! By the way the area around Ruhr is the fifth biggest agglomeration in Europe.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The buildings of “Zeche Zollverein” were designed 1926 by the architects Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer. 1957- 1961 the “Kockerei” (coal oven building on the picture above and in the gallery) is located next to the coal mine and was built in the same design like the coal mining buildings. As the mine it was long time the most modern coke oven in Europe. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our locomotive-set had to get over many trees and obstacles to see the real beauty of the river in middle of the biggest industrial area in Germany. But to be honest every effort was worth it and we were finally able to see the beauty of nature in middle of an heavy industrial area. There are living many many birds like kingfisher, great crested grebe, swans and herons. Some places even look like primeval forest and the river Ruhr looks like Amazonas. I could not imagine this views before. But have a look yourself:

Luckily it was possible to carry the heavy stuff inside the trailer and I had only some light stuff like lunch in my backpack. The pace was very chilling and I was able to check out how far I could come with some weight. So 100km a day are really doable and in the evening I have enough strengh and joy to take some pictures! After a long riding day Lea and me found a nice place to rest (check out the gallery!) near the river. 

What finally to say: It was a really fun trip with amazing views of nature, which I did not expect and we even had a bit of adventure like a hurdles race.


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