Im Juli 2013 wagten eine Freundin und ich eine Transslowenien Tour mit dem Mountainbike. Wir fuhren mit dem Zug nach Zidani Most und von dort aus über Triest (Italien) weiter nach Villach (Österreich).

July 2013 a friend of mine and I rode with our mountainbike cross Solvenia. From Zidani Most via Trieste (Italy) to Villach (Austria). During the trip we tried to ride on tarred roads as little as possible. So we got on a never ending hill on our first day, but when we reached the summit it was a very good feeling. We were so excited to be rewarded by a nice downhill, but we took a wrong path and had to carry our bikes uphill again before the real flow began.

Anyway this is what we wanted, no planned tours many adventure but being safe and healthy in the end. Only one day we ran out of water (when it was 35°C), luckily we passed a little village. BUT there was really not a single person on the street and no fountain near by. So we shared the last half liter and ate some pumpernickel for dinner. Next morning we stood up very early to ride with cool temperatures, because we had to climb 2 hills before the next town. Finally we found a nice fountain middle of the town, where we filled up our empty bottles and washed out some cycling cloth. As a highlight we had a big breakfast with juice and milk and jogurthdrinks infront of a supermarket!

The best of the trip was to camp in the woods with just a sleepingbag and having a look at the stars when we woke up middle in the night.

We had only one really scary moment, when we already had been in our sleeping bags and heard some noise. We thought there might be a person watching us, then my cycling-mate saw some fingers between the high grass and we were little shaking. Two seconds later a deer jumped out of the high grass and was quite shocked by seeing us, so were we! Luckily it was not dark yet, and we were able to find out who the noise was from.


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